The Gallo Company, LLC continues to develop national strategic efforts to coordinate the activities of the many diabetes community and service organizations.

One assignment has been to re-establish connections and help to develop a uniform and consistent message of the many disparate activites of state and local entities.

And, finally, to develop education and news materials to disseminate to diabetic persons on the national level through the Internet.

The GALLO Company LLC (Inactive)
This is what we used to do!

During mid-1968, Sam Gallo, our founder was engaged to restructure a businesses that had bank loans that were in a questionable collection status. The company was sucessfully reorganized, and Sam continued to rehabilitate more companies including serving as a Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Over time, Sam recognized that he was not a consultant, but a counselor! There were plenty of consultants with specific knowledge and skill, but what was lacking among so many consultants in his opinion was a lack of wisdom in their knowledge application. It has been said that every ten years there is a complete turnover in business knowledge. Wisdom does not turnover!

Wisdom implies sound and discerning judgement, that causes one's mind to take knowledge of values, or specific consultancy facts, and mentaly formulate the facts into inter-personal and entity relations to achieve a sucessful outcome. That's a mouthful. Let's say it this way. The "counselor" lays before the owner a more subtle analysis of the facts, perhaps indicating that achieving an ambitious profit goal will require a business owner to up travel commitments 300% at a time when the family is raising three young todlers. The owner decides the new plan is not worth it, and decides for a more modest increase in profits. Who knows, perhaps a bankruptcy was averted by the small application of a bit of wisdom.


We are proud of our home state. And it is our belief that the greatness of these United States is the fullfillment of the grand plan of the founding fathers as declared in the U.S. Constitution. One constitutional principle is that each state is sovereign. This principle of states right and other constitutional principles are embraced by the newly founded Louisiana Conservative Party. See: It welcomes your comments. Better yet, join.


Gallo World Family Foundation

This foundation was founded by Sam Gallo, with its primary mission to conserve and promote the heritage and culture of the Gallo family throughout the world. It is a hobby for Sam who enjoys accumulating the facts, legend, and lore of the global Gallo family. We invite your viewing